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Sharia Compliant Mutual Funds:

Many mutual fund categories are obliged towards socially responsible investing. Since Sharia law is following God’s command and is essentially Islam’s legal system, Sharia-Compliant mutual funds are those that adhere to the Islamic principles. They are also considered to be socially responsible funds. According to Sharia-Compliant mutual funds, there should not be any investment made that violates Sharia law and causes harm to anybody or the environment.

Sharia-Compliant mutual funds came into existence in the late 1960s but gained popularity in recent times. There are many requirements and restrictions to follow to invest in Sharia-Compliant mutual funds. Investing in businesses involved in selling alcohol, pork, tobacco, weapons and equipment are not promoted by them. Immoderate levels of risk is also avoided in Sharia-Compliant mutual funds.

Currently, there are three Sharia-Compliant mutual funds in India:

  1. Tata Ethical Funds
  2. Taurus Ethical Fund
  3. Reliance ETF Sharia BeES

Rehbar is a financial company that invests in Sharia-Compliant mutual funds following all the restrictions stated under Sharia law. Now you can invest in Tata Ethical Funds through Rehbar. Tata Ethical funds invest in Sharia-Compliant stocks in the Indian stock market. It has given good growth to investment in the long run. Tata Ethical funds is an actively-managed multi-cap scheme. It is one of the oldest and certified ethical mutual fund schemes. So, if you are willing to invest in Tata Ethical Funds for long term capital appreciation, you can have your way through us.

What Our Investors & Funded Companies Have to Say!


iD is a very successful VC funded food startup promoted by me and my 4 cousins. I had approached Rehbar for financing our store chillers and distribution vehicles. One of the key objective was to prove a sharia based equipment leasing model. Alhamdulillah, I am excited about it

- Musthafa PC

Image Promoter CEO

The professional approach of Rehbar and their goal and vision itself is commendable. For someone like me, it has benefited in two major ways. Since we were a growing business, I needed to raise funds in a halal way and expand the business & be the medium though which allah can provide sustenance & a betterment in lives of people associated with the company. I think the need of today is for more such institutions. I wish Rehbar more success & growth

- Rehan Sumar

Image Member, Industry experts team

I was looking to invest in an interest free business model and I found RFC as a gateway for investors who want earn Halal income and stay away from interest based income.
RFC's business model has transparency and has a profitable track record

- Wasique Ahmad Hashmi

Logistics Executive, Napco Composite Film Packaging Technology Ltd.

I have done lot of investments in my life, but the return from Rehbar is the one I value precious due to its purity by all means. I hope Rehbar is able to spread across India and do much larger investments as well

- Er. Salihudeen KM

BTech, MBA, FIE Chartered Engineer, Qatar

I started looking at the investment model of Rehbar positively and came forward to invest bigger sums of money in the selected businesses. So far, my experience has been good and I had recommended this concept to my family members and friends so that they also benefit from these kind of investments which are Halal and come out of interest bearing investments which are Haram.

- Anwar Ul Haq

Senior manager at Infosys, 20 years of experience in IT industry

RFC is a unique company which is giving me consistent and projected high returns for my investment. I feel the company is professionally managed and investing in the opportunities is very easy. I hope RFC continues to provide such good investment opportunities for the investors

- Venugopal

IT Consultant, Toronto, Canada

I feel RFC should come up with more such models so that promoters and investors can benefit through a purely business model to which both parties mutually agree, and which is an ethical alternative to interest based lending/borrowing which normally makes the rich richer and poor poorer.

- Afsel Chandrankandy

Formerly senior manager at Oracle and now an entrepreneur

Investment FAQs

Here are a few questions you might have to become an Investor with Rehbar.
It is really simple; you can just click here to sign-up and we will get in touch with you to complete our simple onboarding process.
A valid PAN card and Residential proof.
The minimum amount for any investment opportunity available is INR 1,00,000 for one time investment and Rs 5,000 for SIPs.
The investor has to share the following details:
Investment Amount:
Investor Name:
Fathers Name:
Phone No:
Email ID:
Once the investor sends these details to, our investor relations team will connect with you and share the transfer details.
Yes, you can invest from NRE account, but as the investment is on a non-repatriable basis, you will also need to provide NRO account for the purpose of profit/principal repayments.
We believe in 100% transparency to build trust with our ethical investors. Every quarter we share detailed quarterly reports to update them of the performance.
The returns are on quarterly basis for the debentures and for mutual funds, it is mainly growth, with withdrawal at any point of time.
To invest in the Sharia compliant debentures, one must sign a debenture subscription agreement.
Any type of Invest is subjected to Market risks. Hence,No. We do not guarantee any returns.
The exit period ranges from a minimum of 15 days to a maximum of 60 days, which also depends on the investment amount.
Generally we advise that the investors exit their investment before the conversion at the end of 10 years and reinvest in fresh CCD issue at that point. If the investor wants to remain invested after conversion of CCDs to equity, he will get annual dividends instead of quarterly. Exit period will also be longer once it converts to equity.
The expected return ranges from 8% to 12% per annum.
TDS is deducted at 10% on the profit disbursed (u/s 193).
You will be kept updated on the performance and returns received via quaterly reports made available through the emails. You can also log-into the investor portal to see updated information about the investments you have made.
The returns are distributed on quarterly basis in your registered bank account with Rehbar.

ETHICAL INVESTING - Sustainable Returns

This practice is completely aligned with the company's belief for Selecting and using investments based on ethical or moral principles.

Profit Sharing Investments

If you are an investor, we are the perfect place for you to invest in a profit shared investment plan.

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Sharia Compliant Mutual Funds

Invest in Sharia-Compliant stocks like Tata Ethical Funds through Rehbar.

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Financial Planning

A Step-by-step guidance for managing your money and meet your financial goals via Rehbar.

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